What is FlasHOLR?

FlasHOLR is a mobile app that connects customers to service providers. Our FlasHOLR Heroes can help you to move furniture, pickup and deliver items (courier service), and even tow your vehicle if it gets stranded. 


Who are your FlasHOLR Heroes?

FlasHOLR Heroes are independent truck, van or car owners that like to put some use to their vehicle to earn extra money at their own schedule. Each FlasHOLR Heroes are all put through thorough background check and are required to submit valid driver’s licenses and insurance policies. FlasHOLR would like to offer you peace of mind at maximum level. You can expect them to be well-equipped and professional. You will have the opportunity to rate the service you received and can see other customer’s ratings.


How does it work?

Download FlasHOLR from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and set up your account. When you need a FlasHOLR Hero to move an item or tow your car, simply open the app, select the service you need, and follow the prompts. You will need to specify the pickup and drop off locations, time frame, items detail information (e.g., furniture size, item value, vehicle type to be towed). Afterwards, you can get the Fare Estimation promptly. If you satisfied with the price, you can place order and the mobile app will help to find an available Hero within 30-mile radius. Once a Hero accepts the request, a notification box will prompt with ETA (Estimated Arrival Time), Hero information. You can track the order and Hero location over the app. 


Can I request ‘Vehicle Only’ without labor?

Yes, you can. In Moving Furniture/Appliances Booking page, there is a checkbox saying, ‘Labor Needed?’. If you do not check the box, it means you only need Vehicle only. The driver will still come pickup and deliver your furniture/appliance, but the driver won’t help you to load or unload. You will have to load and unload the furniture/appliance yourself.


Can I schedule appointment?

Yes. You can schedule the appointment to meet your convenient time. There is a checkbox on the booking page saying ‘Schedule Booking?’ that you need to check otherwise it will be an immediate request by default.  


How do I pay my FlasHOLR Hero?
Payment is done through the app with the credit card on file.


Can I tip my Hero?
Tipping is optional. If you satisfied with their services and choose to tip, you may do so with cash directly to the drivers. That way 100% tip will go to the drivers.


How much does FlasHOLR cost?

Pricing varies depending on the services you need, distance and number of labors. After putting Booking Information, you can get the Fare Estimation promptly. If you satisfied with the price, you can place order.


Will my FlasHOLR Hero bring my new couch into my apartment?
Yes, if you choose ‘Labor Needed’ our Heroes can help to bring the items being delivered into your home. If you do not check the ‘Labor Needed?’ box, you will have to load and unload the items yourself.


What moving equipment do your Heroes have?

When you book a pickup or delivery of a heavy item, you can rest assured that our Heroes have it covered. They will have moving blankets and dollies as appropriate to keep your items safe.


Will a FlasHOLR Hero pack my boxes and take apart furniture?

No, you must pack your own boxes and disassemble furniture.


What if something gets damaged during FlasHOLR order?
Each order by default comes with damage protection up to $300 to protect your items in the unlikely event something is damaged during your order, including water damage, scratches, marks, tears, breakage, etc. Damage protection only applies to items being transported and cannot be modified once your FlasHOLR trip has started.

You have the option to purchase additional protection on the Booking Page but also you must declare the value of your items. The additional protection price is $2 for $100 worth additional protection with maximum purchase at $100 ($5000 worth of protection).

In the event that damage occurs to your item(s), please fill out this form to start a claim. You must report any damage within 14 days of the FlasHOLR order. During the damage claim process, you must respond to action items within 30 days, failure to do so will result in nullification of the claim.

See our damage protection policy for more information.


What if my walls, floors or other elements of my home are damaged during the order?

In the unlikely event that there is damage to your home (walls, floors, ceiling, etc.) your order is protected via our commercial liability insurance. You do not require an additional purchase for this protection.

In the event that damage occurs, please contact us to start a claim within 14 days from event date.

Please Note: HARDWOOD FLOORS are only covered if you indicate that HARDWOOD FLOORS ARE PRESENT in the ‘Additional Information’ during Booking Process.


How do I become a FlasHOLR Hero?
Sign up on the app to be a driver. Click here to see how!